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Twisting Art is an evocative and tension packed rotating puzzle.

A beautiful handcrafted art collection has been ruined and you are the only one who can fix it. Time is ticking, and more than 100 works of art are waiting for your help. Rotate the pieces and discover the beauty behind the twisted mess.


  • Colorful evocative art style.

  • Time is your enemy! Rotate the pieces quickly.

  • Over 100 works of art to restore to their greatness.

  • Cheerful music.

  • Easy mode with a more relaxed pace.

  • Simple and engaging gameplay mechanics.

  • PC version features a revamped UX fitting better large PC Screens.

  • PC version has a more engaging game progression system. Featuring new level group    locks which make the game more challenging and encourages replayability.

100+ illustrations Art Pack!

You can get the PC game alongside an Art Pack containing the very 105 original illustrations used in our game for the puzzles themselves.

Now you can get every single one of them, in high resolution and 300 ppi.

We have created 2 versions of each one of the 105 illustrations. One version in full color and another version in outline only so you can easily use your own palette with it or making a coloring book for example. So you are getting 210 original illustrations!


They can be used to create anything your heart desires, even printing them. Let your creativity fly and use them to create games, books, art prints, stickers...

The press say...

“The game will test your imagination as well and the ability to see what isn’t visible at first glance” - Blue Moon Game

 “ if you enjoy puzzle games and don’t mind being timed while completing them, Twisting Art will keep you entertained for a bit. There’s a lot of content offered.” “Game Score 74%”

Christ Centered Gamer

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Twisting Art

An evocative and tension packed rotating puzzle.

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