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Twisting Art Trailer

Twisting Art is an art puzzle game in which you will solve challenging puzzles and create mysterious vivid beautiful art pieces


In Twisting Art you will manipulate the twisted pieces of impossible puzzles and create mysterious illustrations full of stunningly beautiful art.


Twisting Art is a relaxing experience through handcrafted illustration art creations. Turn the pieces along your journey through over 100 puzzles, challenging your reflexes and helping repair the twisted art.


A perfect mixture of arcade mind challenging puzzle and a beautiful journey through over 100 lovely illustrated handcrafted art creations!



Inspire by illustrated symmetry graphical patterns mixed with the feeling of discovering hidden images in the clouds. Each illustration is a unique, hand crafted with love work of art for you to discover.



Twist the pieces to solve every puzzle. Designed to be a easy and pleasent experience for everyone to pick up and play, enjoy and complete the art journey.

And if Normal Game Mode put you into trouble, the Easy Game Mode will offer you the help you need!


- Mysterious, vivid and beautiful art style.

- Enjoy a relaxed pace and have fun with the Easy Game Mode.

- Challenge your reflexes and timing with the Normal Game Mode.

- Cheerful music.

- Simple and engaging gameplay.

- Casual gaming experience.


Jump in and enjoy a puzzle solving experience full of mystery and handcrafted vivid and colorful illustrations!

The press say...

“The game will test your imagination as well and the ability to see what isn’t visible at first glance” - Blue Moon Game

 “ if you enjoy puzzle games and don’t mind being timed while completing them, Twisting Art will keep you entertained for a bit. There’s a lot of content offered.” “Game Score 74%”

Christ Centered Gamer

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Twisting Art

An evocative and tension packed rotating puzzle.

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